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  • ashandapatrice.com

    A personal blog. Blog content also helps keep your social media presence going. Instead of asking your social media manager to always create brand new content for social media (or creating that content yourself), your blog can serve as that repository of content. Blogging has the potential to open so many doors. Let's help you get started.
  • tcanupes1911.org

    CTP eBusiness Consulting provided comprehensive web development and eBusiness services to the Towson-Catonsville (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Our team helped to establish a strong online presence for the chapter, engaging with their members and supporters and promoting their mission to a wider audience through ongoing website design, content creation, and social media marketing.
  • notyetpro.org

    CTP eBusiness Consulting provided expert web development and eBusiness services to NotYetPro, a non-profit organization supporting amateur athletics and access to aquatics for all. Our team developed a modern, user-friendly website that effectively communicated the organization's mission, optimized the site for search engines, and provided ongoing support to help the company achieve their online goals.
  • notyetpro.com

    NotYetPro is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting amateur athletics and access to aquatics for all. The organization aims to provide all communities with opportunities to engage in sports and physical activities to promote health, education, and life skills.
  • normalizedthemovie.com

    Normalized: The Movie is a groundbreaking documentary that sheds light on mental health issues from the perspective of Black men. The film aims to normalize the conversation around mental health in the Black community and promote understanding and healing. CTPeBiz is proud to have provided website design and development services for this important project, helping to bring awareness to a crucial issue through a modern and engaging online presence.
  • blesseddaniella.com

    Blessed Daniella was created to help people who've been diagnosed find their voice, and be able to advocate for themselves. As we navigate the stigma that comes with their diagnosis, I want to teach people the positive facts about illness and help them understand they have a life to live and they can do so.
  • Normalized Podcast

    Normalized Podcast is a weekly show that seeks to explore and challenge the norms of society. CTPEbiz.com provided design and development services for the podcast's website, which features episodes, blog posts, and information about the hosts. The site's minimalist design puts the focus on the content, while also being easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. The site also includes social media integration and a contact form for audience feedback.
    A journey to becoming normal.
  • VictorAngry.com

    VictorAngry.com is the official website of Victor Angry. The website provides information about his accomplishments and initiatives as an elected official, as well as news and events related to his office. CTPEbiz.com provides web development services for the site, ensuring its professional look and smooth functionality.